Radar Detectors

Treat yourself to peace of mind

The freedom to relax and drive with confidence, that's what an investment in a radar detector can give you. Today's models combine simple, ergonomic design with up-to-the-minute technology. They can offer you affordable, convenient protection, not only from speeding tickets but often from driving hazards as well.

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Speeding Ticket Facts

Interesting speeding ticket facts & statistics you don't see everyday.


  • Over 100,000 people a day receive a speeding ticket in this country.
  • That's over 41,000,0000 speeding tickets per year.
  • One in every 6 drivers will get a speeding ticket this year.
  • The average speeding ticket costs $150.00.
  • 41,000,000 x 150.00 = $6,150,000,000 That's over 6 BILLION dollars per year in speeding ticket fines alone.
  • The average raise in insurance costs for one speeding ticket over the course of 3 years is $900.00.
  • Multiply 900 by 41,000,000 and you get $36,900,000,000  (36.9 BILLION dollars) in extra insurance money the insurance industry makes in a single year just from speeding tickets.
  • Over 95% of people who receive a speeding ticket never contest it and just pay the fine.
  • The age groups between 17 and 24 years of age receive the most speeding tickets.
  • More men than women receive speeding tickets.
  • Since 1999, Washington, D.C. cameras have issued 2,421,841 tickets worth $182 million.
  • The average traffic cop will cost a city about $75,000 per year in salary, bonuses, and benefits. This same police officer will make the city an average of $200,000 per year in traffic ticket fines!