Detailing / Reconditioning

Auto Detailing vs Auto Reconditioning:


What is the difference between auto detailing and auto reconditioning? The simple answer is this: Auto detailing is the complete cleaning and preservation of a vehicle.  Auto reconditioning takes the concept even further and requires a more extensive cleansing of all surfaces.  


How do I know if my vehicle requires detailing or reconditioning?  Topical dust and dirt plus the occassional spill or stain is auto detailing.  Utilizing our professional equipment and chemicals, we will clean and shine the entire vehicle and remove basic stains.  Dust, dirt particles and stains that have settled into the plastic, vinyl, seats and / or carpets of a vehicle require more extensive cleaning and chemicals which is considred auto reconditioning.  


Unsure if your vehicle requires detailing or reconditioning?  Stop by for a professional estimate! We will inspect your vehicle and give you our best recommendation and price quote.

Exterior Detail Packages

Whether the exterior of your vehicle just needs a good clean up or requires a little extra attention, we have you covered! All packages include a hand wash using a pressure washer and including a pre-soak to get the deepest clean. Add clay bar services to remove finer particles of dust, dirt and debris. Top that with the finest hand wax for a fresh, glossy coat. Our tire shine will leave your tires fresh and bright without the greasiness of most products. 


Full Exterior Detail      Starting at $149

Hand wash & dry                   Tar removal         

Clean wheels & wells            Brake Dust spot removal 

Dress tires                             Dress exterior trim

Clean exterior glass              

Hand wax


Ceramic Coating available now


What is ceramic coating? A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection.


*Additional charge for excessive tar, sap and bug removal. 

Interior Detail Packages

Attention to detail is our specialty - every nook, cranny and compartment gets detailed with our professional equipment and products. Don't like the look and feel of greasy finishing products? Neither do we! We aim to leave your vehicle looking like brand new fresh from the factory. 


We detail all cracks, crevices, and panels using compressed air, fine brushes, soft clothes, and specially-formulated cleaners. Windows, mirrors and sunroofs are washed using a streak free cleaner. 


Full Interior Detail      Starting at $199 

Vacuum interior & trunk       Wipe dash, console & doors 

Clean interior glass             Shampoo & extract carpet areas  

Clean door jams                  Leather clean & conditioner

Clean & dress vinyl             Shampoo & extract seats


All prices vary on size and soil level. 

Pet Hair will have a minimum additional charge of $40 with interior detail.


Interior Reconditioning:       Starting at $449

Vacuum interior & trunk                Extensive cleaning and treatment  

Clean interior glass                        of dash, console, & doors

Clean door jams                            Pretreat, spot clean, shampoo &

Extensive clean & dress vinyl         extract carpet areas

Pretreat, spot clean, shampoo &    Pretreat, spot clean, full clean &

extract cloth seats                        condition leather seats


A-La Carte Services:


* Headlight Cleaning: Starting at $45

* Pet Hair Removal: Starting at $40

* Degrease & Clean Motor: $35

* Headliner Cleaning: Starting at $100

* Ceramic Coating: Call for quote